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Knight of Nin is an independent center for research and communication on domestic violence. Our mission is to demystify violence. Though our core competence is within partner violence directed towards men, we consider domestic violence a universal problem, that can affect all human beings.

Since 2012 we have worked with the prevention of domestic violence and abuse. By offering our knowledge to a wide audience we hope to be part of dismantling the fear of talking about violence. This stimulation of this debate is acomplished through talks, workshops and media projects.

Scientific research is a major part of our activities. We both contribute to projects and run our own, but are always open to collaboration.

Our values are:

- all humans have value and right to be protected from violence

- action based on knowledge from research

- progress through dialogue



Violence, and particularly domestic violence, is saturated with myths and misconceptions. Perhaps the greatest misunderstanding is that it is something that affects other people or specific groups in society. Domestic violence happens to rich and poor, all education levels, all genders, all backgrounds, and in all countries.

Regardless whether it is called domestic violence, domestic abuse or partner violence it does not have to happen to you to affect you - it can happen to someone you know and love. The effects are not restricted to the familiy that is under attack. The damage caused can also affect the extended family, friends, colleagues, work and the rest of society. 

Domestic violence is a very costly problem that can be linked to an impressive array of society's problems from crime, substance abuse, suicide, homicide, homelessness, loneliness, learning problems, mental problems, life-style diseases to name a few.

To be able to defend yourself and your loved ones, one must know the threat. We can help you understand this threat and what can be done when it is encountered. 


Most people learn to swim to avoid drowning, though they may never get to use their knowledge in a dangerous situation. In contrast, few prepare themselves with the counter with violence, even though most will encounter it in some form in life.  

Education on violence is self-defense. Learning about violence can help:

  • Recognising different types of violence
  • Raising awareness of options for getting help
  • Finding tools to help loved ones
  • Understanding the consequences of violence
  • Dismantling sterotypes and myths around violence
  • Help build zero-tolerance to violence




Unnamed book project is in is final edit. The book describe a rarely described perspective of domestic violence though a male victims experiences, the consequences of the violence and reflections on the barriers encounted when trying to get help.


Research project started in collaboration with University of Cumbria, Insitute of Health, England and Mandecentret in Denmark. The study is examining the effect of male crisis centers help to men exposed to domestic violence in Denmark. 

We are happy to announce our research abstract on the effect of male crisis centers help to men exposed to domestic violence in Denmark, has been accepted for the Conference of the European Network on Gender and Violence in June/July.


Sexologifestivalen 2020

Free online webinar

Brian Lassen will be speaking on "Psychological Violence – what do we overlook when it affects men"

09 okt 2020 at 21:00 - 22:30
Book your ticket here: Biletto.dk 


The IntEqualityFestival Copenhagen 2020

Brian Lassen will be speaking on men's equality issues in 2020.

07 nov 2020 at 17:30


Knight of Nin embody our mission in its name.

"Knight" represents the fight against violence that must be fought with ethics and on behalf of the victims who may not have the resources to fight.

"Nin" is a Japanese word, that in one word combines many of the lessons we can learn from the survivors of domestic violence: perseverance, survival, responsibility, duty, benevolence, compassion and humanity. 



We give talks on domestic violence and partner violence. The format and length is adjusted to your wishes and the audience. 

Costumers who bought our talks include firms focusing on workplace and employee health, unions working on equal rights, libraries, schools, highschools and others. 

Our talks are likely to give your organisation input with a lasting value. Do not hestitate. Write us and ask us how we can help you.


We can assist with reports, publications, research, protocols, media projects etc. on partner violence. 

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  • Radio 24/7, DK
  • Danmarks Radio, DK
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  • Offerrådgivningen, DK


  • Bryd Tavsheden, DK
  • Berlingske, DK
  • Politiskolen, DK
  • Danmarks Medie- og Journalisthøjskole, DK

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  • Sexologiskolen, DK
  • Tartu University, EST



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